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Science Society Levy Increase

Hey everyone! Science Society has always valued and worked towards improving your on campus experience. We’ve got a lot of great ideas for the future and to make those work we are proposing a levy change to $10. This levy will let you experience a term filled with social, academic and wellness events. In addition to access to these events, you will be able to take advantage of our free food giveaways, student funding program and much more valued more than $10.

Here’s our plan for the levy increase:

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NEW with the levy increase will be a Student Opportunity Fund with approximately $10,000 allocated to it. With this funding, students like you will be able to apply for conference reimbursements, travel and other related expenses!

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In addition we want to invest in a bigger and better Welcome Week and Frost Week! This could include fun off campus events for our first years as well as our Sci Squad volunteers.

You asked. We answered! We know how much you like free food so NEW with the levy increase are monthly student appreciation days! These are similar to what other societies on campus do and will consist of FREE food days, such as pizza, donut, gelato days and much more!

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Another big thing we would like to do is financially support our departmental clubs by setting aside a $3000 fund to which they can apply to. This would allow them to host more events for students within their own program. Whether you’re in a departmental club or taking advantage of the services and resources they provide, this is going to be a great opportunity for you!


“The proposed levy change is a game changer for smaller societies like the Forensic Student Association, which has relied on SciSoc funding to put on our amazing events (such as Halloween parties, bake sales, karaoke nights, and more) that all science students benefit from. Increasing the funding for student groups only enriches the student experience and gives students access to more… more free food, more fun, and more social activities! For a low, one time per year cost (that is equivalent to two Starbucks drinks), departmental clubs can improve their events, the scholarships that Science students have access to increases, and Science Society can continue providing their much-appreciated services, such as free science T-shirts, free BBQ during Welcome week, free exam care packages… and the list goes on! Forensics truly believes that  saying “yes” to the levy change is saying “yes” to more opportunities for all science students!” 

- Victoria Grandi, Forensics Student Association President

"Science Society funded the Math & Stats Student Association for our annual bonding event this past semester which is our first event of the academic year and therefore our most important. Thanks to Science Society’s generous funding we were able to provide food  for over 30 students. The event was successful in engaging first year students in our department and encouraging them to attend our future events. The proposed levy change would triple the amount of departmental club’s funding from Science Society and would allow us to host more social events for students on and off campus, providing us with more options and opportunities to execute events that will engage even more students!"

                                                                      - Luke Strong, Math and Stats Student Association President


"Science Society has always been a supporter of the UGCC yet with the limited funds it is hard for them to find money to help us run our events for Undergraduate students which we desperately need. With this increased levy there will be more opportunity for the UGCC for bigger events that directly benefit the students."

                                                                              - John Purdie, Undergraduate Chem Club Co-President

“The proposed levy change would be a HUGE help to the Physics Club! Two of our main goals for the future is to hold more events for everyone, and to improve our club room in Essex Hall. Funding from Science Society would help us do both things. Our club room is already a great place for everyone to come sit and relax between classes, do homework, and hangout with others, but we want to make it better. New furniture, new games, new supplies, new textbooks, and more. We also want to be able to organize more fun events for everyone like pizza & movie nights and game nights. We need funding to do all these things and TRIPLING the funding we recieve from Science Society would be a massive help! Not only to us but to all clubs across science. Don’t forget that this is only one of the many benefits you’ll see as a science student with the proposed levy change. Please vote!”

                                                                                                      - Travis Kitching, Physics Club President



Science Society has the smallest levy of all the societies on campus but we still make do with our budget, we have a lot of great plans for you but to make those happen we also need an increase in our levy. The wide variety of things we’re planning on offering is valued more than your $10! We hope you vote YES for the levy increase on Feb 13 & 14.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message us on social media or email us at !

For more information, check out our facebook page, or keep up to date by following our instagram and twitter!

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