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Would you like to have someone to help you answer all of those questions you have about your first year in the Faculty of Science at the University of Windsor?

What is MySci Mentorship?

MySci Mentorship works to pair upper-year students (mentors) with first-year students (mentees) within the Faculty of Science based on program major and similar interests. The program is designed so that upper years may pass on their wisdom, skills, and expertise to new science students. Mentors provide valuable information to their mentees including which courses to take and how to decode their degree audit. Mentors communicate with their mentees via email, instant messaging, or video chat as suited to their schedules in order to advise students on their first-year courses and answer any questions they may have about their university experience. In addition to teaching important skills such as time management, organization, and how to study for tests, mentors are also given the opportunity to share their personal experiences within their respective program of study thus far. Mentors also refer their mentees to the many university resources offered at the University of Windsor during their transition to university life. Mentorship through MySci is a mutually beneficial experience between both the mentor and mentee as mentors are able to practice their leadership and communication skills and mentees benefit from guidance from someone who has been in their position before, throughout their first year as a science student.

The MySci Mentorship Program has been adapted to the university’s decision for online classes in Fall 2020. Our mentors will be educated on how to best convey their knowledge through online formats, and to modify their advice on time management, interacting with professors, etc. to apply to this current situation.

Mentee Information

If you are entering your first year with a major or minor in a program within the Faculty of Science (Biology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Behaviour Cognition and Neuroscience, Health and Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Economics, Forensics, Concurrent education and General Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, Medical Physics) and wish to have a mentor throughout the course of your first year, please fill out the form below. We will work to pair you with an upper-year student in the same program and if possible, with similar interests as you. This person will help you by sharing their tips for studying and maintaining a successful university experience.

Your responsibilities as a mentee will include keeping up on-going communication with your mentor and checking your UWindsor email account on a regular basis, as that is our main form of communication.

Depending on when you apply, your MySci Mentor should be in contact with you within one or two weeks of the completion of your application, however, if you apply before September 10th, then your mentor will be reaching out to you within the first week of classes. We hope to have all applicants paired up by the third week of the Fall 2020 semester at the latest. If you happen to not hear anything from us or a MySci Mentor within two weeks, please contact the MySci Coordinator at

If you would like more information about the program before applying, please do not hesitate to email us at

NOTE: This is a mentorship program, NOT a tutoring program! Your mentor will provide you with advice and guidance but not necessarily tutoring. There are tutoring programs, both free and paid that the University offers, which you can ask your mentor about.

Mentor Information

Are you a science student who would like to mentor incoming science students throughout the school year?

The following would be some of your duties as a mentor:

  • Weekly commitment of ~1 hour from approximately September to April

  • Communicate with your mentee via in-person meetings, internet, or instant messaging

  • Complete monthly reports of your communications with your mentees

  • Advise students on 1st year classes (i.e. how to study for tests, what the tests are like)

  • Share experiences about what it’s been like in the program for them thus far

  • Teach students how to prioritize, manage their time, read textbooks efficiently, and decode their degree audits

  • Know resources on campus that could help your mentee and refer them to go there if they need help

Applications for Fall 2021 are now closed
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