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There is a vast number of departmental clubs and other student organizations that you can get involved with. We have featured some related student groups with whom you can connect and begin your involvement! As you scroll down, keep in mind that there is contact information as well as social media links for each student group. Please do not hesitate to contact them through interest.

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BASA represents, provides services for, and looks after the interest of the students in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program. We maintain our connection with the Science and Arts Faculties, ensuring that we are an integral part of student life on campus.


The purpose of the BCNSA is to promote interest in BCN and the Faculty of Science while involving members in the community. You can get involved by attending our biweekly research colloquia, supporting our fundraisers, participating in our mentorship program, or attending our socials throughout the year. To stay updated, email, or connect with us on social media!

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FSA is student-run organization catering to the needs of Forensic Science students with the ultimate goal of promoting both social and academic well-being. Working closely with Forensic Science students and faculty, we plan monthly events which encourage everyone to be involved in their program, de-stress, and get to know their fellow peers outside of the classroom. Because we are a small program, FSA is very interactive, which makes it easier for students to access our resources, feel included, and be a part of the decision-making process. An additional benefit is the high professor engagement with our association, allowing students the unique opportunity to network with forensic science professionals.

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General Science Club (GSC) allows for General Science students to have a home, a group for them that represents them in the Faculty of Science. GSC also allows for all Science students to get help, have a group online to compare classes, ask fellow students questions, make friends, and have fun while succeeding academically. Most of all, GSC is all about students who love science but don't exactly know which science they have a passion for most and are best at, therefore GSC allows students to explore all sciences and find out which one they like best. It also works the other way around, being there for students who did not succeed in their specific science program but do not want to give up on Science. Anyone interested in getting involved can email us at  where you will be able to become a general member/volunteer. Executive applications will open up around March every year and applying for an executive position is always encouraged!


The Jull Earth and Environmental Science & Studies Club, commonly referred to as the Jull Club, represents, unifies, and advocates on behalf of students in the following programs: Environmental Studies and Earth & Environmental Science. Not only do we represent our small yet unique and diverse students but through action and education, we aim to promote sustainable living and plan on shedding light on pressing environmental issues that Canadians - and the world - face today.

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The MSSA is a group of undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics students working for students. Hosting a variety of social and bonding events as well as providing midterm preparation sessions throughout the year, we exist for the benefit of all undergraduate and graduate students within the department. We strive to create a sense of community within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Getting involved with the MSSA is a great way to network with other students as well as meet and get to know professors.

If you have questions about involvement or any other inquiries you can e-mail us at Make sure to follow our social media in order to stay informed about our upcoming events.


The Physics Club is a club run and managed by undergraduate physics students. Throughout the year, we hold tutorials for introductory physics and math courses, volunteer for outreach events like Science Rendezvous and Science Olympiad, and host a number of small social events. Our club room, located in Essex Hall, is a welcoming place for students to study, relax, or hangout. Check out our Instagram @uwin_physics where we share pictures from events, demo videos, and the occasional meme. For more information on how to get involved, please contact

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The Undergraduate Chemistry Club (UGCC) representing chemistry, biochemistry and biomedical science students! Our goals include strengthening relationships between faculty and undergrads, introducing undergrads to exciting research opportunities and developing a sense of community within the Chem/Biochemistry department. We have held events such as Research Rendezvous, Basketball with Profs, Jeopardy Night, and Pub Night with Profs!

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Feel free to visit our website at to learn more!

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Essex Hall Room 271

401 Sunset Avenue

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519-253-3000 ext. 3036


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