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Join Our Council


First Year Representatives, an Arts & Science Representative, a Chemistry & Biochemistry Representative, an Economics Representative, an Environmental Science Representative, a General Science Representative, an Integrative Biology Representative, and a Biomedical Sciences Representative will be elected into council. Additionally, the local charity for which Science Society will fundraise during the academic year will be chosen.

By-election 2019.jpeg



Executive member positions (President, VP Internal, VP External, VP Finance, VP Communications, and VP Student Advocacy) are elected into council.


Second Year Representatives and Departmental Representatives are elected into council.

The general timeline of all elections is as follows:

  1. Nomination Period

  2. All-Candidates Meeting (Mandatory to attend; if unable to attend, a proxy must be sent)

  3. Campaigning Period

  4. Voting Period (all voting is dealt with on our website; you must be a member of the site and pay the requires fees)

Exact dates are posted below.

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