Exec Election Candidates W2022

Science Society executive elections for the 2022/2023 year are here! Voting will take place on this site from OCT. 17 at 12 am - OCT 19 at 11:59 pm. Here are the candidates: 

Anita Hu

Running for: President


Hello Science students!

I’m Anita Hu, a 3rd-year student in BCN who would be honoured to be your next SciSoc President. As President, I want to provide students with more opportunities to discover what UWin Science—the faculty, peers, knowledge and networks—has to offer. Here’s my vision in 3:

1. Strengthen bonds

With 10+ departmental clubs, campus-wide charities, and 100+ faculty, I will connect us through:
- Collab with more clubs to showcase their passions
- Fun, informal social events with profs (beyond research and academics)

2. Gain momentum

Event-planning as a large society can often lose momentum. Let’s build up the student voice by:
- Hosting student-wide Town Halls
- Streamlining SciSoc meetings so each rep can share their ideas

3. Promote Expression

There are so many opportunities to socialize and learn in science, let’s promote them better!
- Monthly calendars to centralize all science-related event dates
- Student showcases/galleries

In my past three years, I’ve seen us undergrads navigating the clubs, courses, and groups in science, trying to find where we fit in. But rather than “fit in”, I hope to make a space where we can all stand out.

Much love,
Anita Hu

Renee Wulterkens

Running for: President


Hi! My name is Renee and I am so excited to announce that I am running for next year’s Science Society President! I am currently a second-year Biomedical Science student and have been involved in council since my first year! My platform is focused on prioritizing advocacy, academics and student experience. I understand the importance of the student voice, especially as the University transitions back to campus. I want to make sure that Science Society provides an approachable line of communication for student concerns (or compliments:). Quality academics are also important to my platform. I want to work closely with faculty members and offer educators an opportunity to hear from you to further stand for your academic needs. I also want to prioritize student experience. I have great ideas for more in-person events and want to ensure that students have accessible opportunities to make more social and academic connections. Vote Renee for President and get ready to have an amazing year!

Chloe Crep

Running for: VP Internal


Hi Lancers, my name is Chloe Crep, and I am a second year integrative biology student. I am running for the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs. As a current second-year representative, I have had the opportunity to advocate for students while incorporating the recommendations of students. With the position of VP internal, I can ensure that I will establish connections between students and the faculty of science. While working closely with our departmental clubs, I will provide a collective effort alongside Science Society to ensure we organize various activities that allow science students to engage with our faculty. I have planned to organize many events such as meet the prof nights, alumni panels, mysci mentorship programs and research weeks. As your VP internal, I will maintain transparency and listen to all science students. I will voice concerns and ideas that you may have to improve your experience at the University of Windsor. I would truly appreciate your support! 

Jeffery Martin

Running for: VP Communications


I am a Biomedical Science Student and am currently Science Societies Biomedical Representative. Through this position, I was on the Events and Communications committees, and spent most of my time helping with Communications. This year, I helped plan the Annual Gala, designed new merch, gathered weekly content (Meme Monday), and attended/assisted many other events.

If elected as VP Communications, I will do my best to ensure timely content on all of our pages (Social Media, Website, Blackboard) with up to date info on current events. Additionally, I will ensure fun content is shared through our platform and I will strive to have better engagement with our audience! Next, I will do my best to ensure merchandise runs smoothly and I hope to bring in fresh merchandise through a launch with new logos, designs and supplies! Finally, I will lead the communications team effectively by using the leadership skills I learned from my time as Prime Minister of my High School Student Council.

Alexa Burks

Running for: VP External Affairs


My name is Alexa Burks and I am running for the Vice President of External Affairs position on Science Society. I currently hold the position of Health & Biomedical Representative. This position on council has allowed me to gain valuable leadership skills and insight on the responsibility I have to represent the undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science. As the VP External, I promise to be in collaboration with professional groups and organizations on behalf of the Faculty of Science. I will act as the Ontario Science Students’ Association director on behalf of the University of Windsor, as well as maintain liaison with our elected charity of the year. I will facilitate and organize any events with external organizations, including overseeing the annual speaker series event. As the VP External, my goal is to voice student concerns, as well as work alongside Science Society to ensure that all science students are given the opportunity to be involved. I appreciate your support!

Victoria Iannetta

Running for: VP of Student Advocacy


My name is Victoria Iannetta, and I am currently the Second Year Science Representative on the Science Society Council. Through this past year on Science Society, I have been involved in the Events and Awards Committees in which I have helped to plan various events, such as the annual Science Society Gala. I am seeking the position of VP of Student Advocacy as I recognize the importance of voicing student concerns as one of the initiators of the Open Letter to the Faculty of Science. On behalf of Science Society, myself and a few other representatives presented student concerns about a return to in-person learning to the Science Executive Council and Student Senate Caucus. As of result of these continuing efforts, I have a passion to represent the students, and ensure that every voice is heard. 

Olivia Youssef

Running for: VP of Social Events


Hello Science Students!

My name is Olivia Youssef, and I am running for the position of Vice President of Social Events. I am currently a second year student in Health and Biomedical Science, as well as a Second Year Representative for Science Society.

While holding a representative position, I have joined the Events and Wellness Committees, and have been able to work very closely to the current VP of Social Events. These committees and experiences have helped me to develop a deep understanding on how to build a community within our faculty, and to gain a large passion and insight on how to organize, plan, and execute events and ideas.

In the upcoming year, I hope to continue the well known and loved events Science Society has to offer, such as the annual charity gala and lottery, and Mol and Pi Day. I also hope to introduce other new events, including a pub crawl, nature yoga classes, and collaborations with other on-campus clubs.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Olivia Youssef

Caroline Alionte

Running for: VP Finance


Hi, my name is Caroline Alionte and I am a second-year student in the medical physics program. As the current physics rep on Science Society, I have been able to act as an advocate for physics and science students as well, to take any concerns they might have and make sure they are voiced and heard. My time so far has been very rewarding, and I hope to continue to develop my leadership skills as Vice President of Finance for the next year. I plan to handle all matters relating to the Society’s finances, from budget, expenses, reimbursements, and transactions and maintain an organized record. I am excited to have the opportunity to play a bigger role in everything Science Society does. Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated!