General Election Candidates W2022

Science Society general elections for the 2022/2023 year are here! Voting will take place on this site from Apr. 7 at 8 am - Apr. 8 at 11:59 pm. Here are the candidates: 

Second-Year Representative (x 3)

Seeret Banwait

Renil Kooplicat

Filip Botica

Integrative Biology Representative (x 4)

Annice Nguyen

Anent Grewal

Melanie Trifan

Giulia Pelle

Earth and Environmental Science Representative (x 1) 

Jana Jandal Alrifai

Lauren Taylor

Biomedical Science Representative (x 4) 

Natasha Sarkis

Marco Sladoje

Sphoorti Tulajannavar

Lindsey Boshart

Matteo Frattarolli

Grace Querbach

Forensic Science Representative (x 2) 

Hayley Kupko

Athena Cox

Kennedy Auger

Isabella Grandi

Chemistry and Biochemistry Representative (x 2)

 Lithmi Jayasinghe

Kristina Marrocco

Mathematics and Statistics Representative (x1) 

Helena Vasic

Sameer Shergill

Interdisciplinary Arts and Science Representative (x 1)

Tamjeed Nawaz

Economics Representative (x 1)

Angelina Kieu

General Science Representative (x 1)

Jana Faraj