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Every year, Science Society donates all proceeds from the Science Society Gala to an elected charity. This year's elected charity is Autism Society Ontario. 

Autism Society Ontario - Windsor-Essex

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Background information: The work we do helps all autistic individuals and families in their communities have access to meaningful supports, information, and connections so they are equitably and seamlessly supported across their life course.

Mission: Creating a supportive and inclusive Ontario for autism.

What we do

  • Help our community learn about ASD Chapters conduct special speakers and/or training workshops. These cover such topics as advocacy, support and the latest news in ASD research. These courses are advertised by email, Facebook and our website. 

  • Work with community partners to promote and enhance awareness about autism.

  • Hold various fundraising events throughout the year, and run programs and events for individuals with ASD and their families to get involved, socialize and network.



  • Collaboration: We believe in the power of working side by side with individuals, families, and communities to make informed choices about autism.

  • Accountability: We hold ourselves and others responsible for achieving successful outcomes through high standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility.

  • Respect: We value equity, diversity, and inclusion, and we listen to understand.

  • Evidence-Informed: We use and create knowledge to guide our decisions and work.

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